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This idea made my heart leap, but I have many questions... Who would be responsible for managing the food once it was ready to be harvested and what would this system look like? Is the purpose of the food to sustain those with already limited access to wholesome foods or for all community members? Could there be a sort of on-site (farm) farmers market in order to make access to the food equitable for all within the community?

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  • commented 2016-02-18 22:35:57 -0600
    All things we will need to consider for sure, Rachel. There are a lot of ways we can create a network for managing, sharing and distributing the harvests. It will be a combination of folks from the community who are active with work days, local businesses (for instance one local cider/wine maker has offered to donate fruit trees and help maintain and glean after the community picks). Collaboration and partnerships with local organizations, food shelves, public schools and other charities are all possibilities. Maybe a food forest farmers market is possible, or an on-site kitchen where there could classes about processing the different foods. We will just have to see! Getting this food to people who normally wouldn’t have access to it will be one goal of many. Cheers, Ryan Seibold
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