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Please share your ideas about how to make this petition a success and show the Mpls Park Board there is a lot of public support for this idea.  Please also share the actions you are going to take to help organize public support for the food forest.

Also share your ideas about what you would like to see in the food forest* or ways you would use the food forest.

*Note - If the Mpls Park Board agrees to pursue this vision, we anticipate they will have an extensive public input process on the design of the food forest.  Sharing ideas on this page is to show each other and the park board that there is enthusiasm for the food forest vision.


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Revisionist History: A Good Walk Spoiled.

I suggest listening to Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History: A Good Walk Spoiled. Removing the vast land required for a single person to hit a ball into a hole and replacing it with another beautiful public space for the entire community to share is a no brainer.

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US Bank Places to Play Grant Application - Due date February 18 by 12 Noon CT

U.S. Bank Places to Play Program A Community Recreation and Play Space Initiative 2015 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) Overview The U.S. Bank Places to Play Program is a collaboration between U.S. Bank and the Minnesota Vikings that provides community‐based non‐profit organizations and schools with grants to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local play spaces in low‐ to moderate‐income communities in Minnesota. Recreation and play spaces serve as tremendous community assets because they offer opportunities for recreation and relaxation that improve the local quality of life, especially for young people. U.S. Bank Places to Play is intended not only to respond to the immediate shortage of safe recreation and play spaces, but also to build an infrastructure through resident involvement to sustain these recreational spaces for community use. U.S. Bank believes in putting people first ‐ our employees, our customers and our communities. U.S. Bank Places to Play is a great example of that commitment. U.S. Bank and the Minnesota Vikings are collaborating to invest $1 million over three years to give youth, families and communities across the State of Minnesota access to safe places to play and engage in recreational activity. This grant‐making initiative will focus on parks, playgrounds, indoor/outdoor athletic facilities and repairs to existing trails. In order to be eligible for a grant under the Program, projects must be sponsored by community‐based non‐profit organizations registered as exempt from Federal Income Tax under Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3) or by schools in low‐ to moderate‐income communities in Minnesota. Strong preference will be given to those proposals that (1) seek to upgrade existing facilities that are in poor condition or otherwise underutilized; (2) demonstrate active use of the spaces; (3) attract matching funding that exceeds the minimum required match of 1:1; (4) involve local partnerships with non‐profit community partners (e.g., Parks and Recreation departments, YMCA branches, etc.) to promote youth safety and community programming; and (5) provide for continuing maintenance and safety. Proposals are due February 18, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. CST Please read the complete RFP before requesting a proposal submission link. Availability of Funding Matching grants of $25,000 to $50,000 will be available to provide general recreation space support. Community‐based non‐profit organizations and schools in low‐ to moderate‐income communities may submit requests for capital projects associated with actual recreation and play spaces. This includes the installation or refurbishment of parks, playgrounds, indoor/outdoor recreation facilities a

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Food for Thought

This idea made my heart leap, but I have many questions... Who would be responsible for managing the food once it was ready to be harvested and what would this system look like? Is the purpose of the food to sustain those with already limited access to wholesome foods or for all community members? Could there be a sort of on-site (farm) farmers market in order to make access to the food equitable for all within the community?

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Wildlife Habitat

Plant native plants, especially mast species for both animals and humans to use as food. Include animal housing, for example, wood duck, and owl boxes.

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Wetland stability

I very much am for another use other than a golf course. The Midwest is directly responsible for the state of the Gulf of Mexico. I am in certain agreement that it should be returned a wetland. Is it feasible to have a garden where there is wetland? Altough I love the idea. Will water still need to be pumped out? If we plant food, perhap research foods that can grow best in marsh conditons, and let it restore to a natural state as much as possible. It is obvious that native prairie grasses should be planted creating a natural buffer for the surrounding lake and stream as well.

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Engage the local Indigenous community about restoring wild rice and renaming

engage Lakota and Anishinaabe groups/individuals to explore the restoration of the wild rice bed AND the restoration of the lake's true name

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Ceremony and panel abiding by an Earth-centered credo

An optional ceremony in which "caretakers" share vows to show their commitment to creating and maintaining a balanced, abundant, thriving and regenerative ecosystem. A humble panel of people could be assembled who lead this innitiative and they could put in practice an Earth-centered credo when leading the task of tending to the food forest.

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